Q-Grip Canterbury Shades Decking
27 x 144mm (Finished Size)

Q-Grip Shades Decking Lifestyle Image

Product Description

Q-Grip Canterbury Shades style decking is from our colour washed range available in Autumn Brown and Pebble Grey. Autumn brown offers a warm vibrant feel while Pebble Grey gives off a modern contemporary vibe. The colour wash is a translucent stain which allows the grain to shine through and remain natural in appearance.

Our deck boards are manufactured from Scandinavian grown softwood which is gripped (with decking insert strips), pre-stained with colour wash pigment, before being preservative treated. This is how Q-Grip Shades products are made.

Q-Grip offers a high potential for resistance in slipping and is especially great for disability aids i.e. Wheelchair, stick and frame.

As a result of the preservative treatment process combined with exposure to ultra violet light outdoors, the product weathers gracefully over time but can be revived with our brush-on finish, which is to be applied as a stain; not a paint. Dilute to one part in 15 (possibly more depending on the darkness of your deck). Test before use.

The standard 15 year Q-Deck warranty applies.

Product Details