Timber Decking Range
By Hoppings

Our range of quality timber decking provides solutions for domestic and commercial applications.

Choose from colour washed, treated and slip resistant timber deckboards. It's helpful to note that our grooved deckboards can be retro-fitted with slip resistant strips. Additionally, our deckboards are dual profile offering multiple possibilities catering for many application types.

Also available for your construction are associated landscaping timbers, deck stair strings, deck care products and more.

Our extensive range including cladding, mouldings and further landscaping products can be found on our corporate website.

For further ideas of decking applications, visit our image gallery.

Hoppings is one of the most experienced and trusted decking suppliers in the UK. Discover more about our range below.

Reversible Timber Decking

Preservative treated timber deckboards made to look good and go the distance. Many exciting options to choose from to suit your application.

Slip-Resistant Timber Decking

Slip resistant decking fitted with gripped strips. Sleek, stylish and suitable for wheelchair users.