Q-Deck Canterbury Shades Decking (Grooved)
27 x 144mm (Finished Size)

Q-Deck Shades Decking Lifestyle Image

Product Description

Q-Deck Canterbury shades style decking manufactured from high quality Scandinavian softwood, washed in a semi-transparent colour pigmented coating before receiving preservative treatment. The translucency of the wash retains the natural grain of the wood while creating a unique coloured finish. Available in Autumn Brown and Pebble Grey shades, Q-Deck's range of colour washed decking products are nothing short of innovative and can help you bring a fresh touch to your outdoor setting.

As a result of the preservative treatment process combined with exposure to ultra violet light outdoors, the product weathers over time, however gracefully. Brown begins to fade between 6-12 months and grey receives a green tint between 12 and 24 months but this eventually dissipates.

Your coloured deck can be re-treated with Autumn brown and Pebble Grey Shades brush on finish to restore it to its former glory when it begins to weather.

The standard 15 year Q-Deck warranty applies.

Product Details