Types of decks


Ground Level Decking
Partially Elevated Deck


Ground Level Deck
Partially Elevated Deck


Elevated Decking
Multi Level Decking


Elevated Deck
Multi Level Deck




















Select the location of your deck carefully, having regard for privacy and sun, shade or wind. Decks built in highly shaded positions will require more regular maintenance, particularly when situated under well established trees ie. leaf litter and possible sap/resin emission.


Consider the nature of exit and entry to the home. Keep the size of the deck in proportion to your home and garden. In England new planning rules now apply to the size of decks in relation to the existing property or garden. For example, surfaces including decking are not permitted to cover more than 50% of a property’s garden. Note: Q-Deck components are preservative pre-treated to different levels of protection to the meet the requirements of industry standards. These standards are defined as ‘use classes’.


90 or 45 degree parrallel decking style patternChevron decking style patternCheckaboard decking style patternHerringbone decking style patternQuadrant decking style pattern