Fitting Q-Deck Bangkirai hardwood decking


Fit Q-Deck Bangkirai over joists set at 600mm centres, maximum.


Leave 8mm gaps between adjacent boards when fitting either Q-Deck Lyptus or Q-Deck Bangkirai. Being a kiln dried hardwood decking means you have to allow for some expansion of the boards during wetter times of the year.


It is important to pre-drill pilot holes and countersink before fitting screws to reduce the chance of splitting these timbers, especially near the ends of boards.


Use a minimum of two 50mm stainless steel screws per board at every joist junction. Use 4.5 x 50mm Q-Deck - Tite Plus Stainless Steel Decking Screws.


Like all hardwood decking, Q-Deck Bangkirai weathers to grey after exposure to U.V light. Its also highly susceptible to staining in contact with iron due to the high levels of tannin present, so it is advisable to only use stainless steel fixings. The black staining that can occur is easily removed using Net Trol by Owatrol.

Over time the tannin can be washed out of Q-Deck Bangkirai. Please note that the fabric of a building or associated landscaping products could become stained by mobile tannin. This washing effect is more likely to occur during prolonged heavy rain and be most concentrated in the period just after fitting your Q-Deck® Hardwood deck. To minimise tannin bleed, new hardwood decking can be coated with Owatrol's Stoptan product.


Q-Deck® Bangkirai deckboards are not as straight as other deckboards in the Q-Deck® range; however any distortion is normally easily corrected when fitting them by applying pressure to bring them back into line.

Stainless steel decking screw - Q-Deck tite