Advice for thermowood

Care and Maintenance of Q-Deck Lunawood®

Q-Deck Lunawood®’s natural dark brown colouration weathers to grey over a relatively short space of time, when exposed to U.V. light. In the interim it is normal for the surface of the Thermowood® to become colonised by mould spores that appear as small dark spots. These will also fade overtime.

The use of a non-film forming penetrative protective coating is not a requirement of the Q-Deck Lunawood® 20 year Warranty but highly recommended. But, please note: New Thermowood® products cannot be effectively coated without first opening the pores of the wood, by either applying special chemicals, or naturally, by leaving it to weather outdoors in situation for at least 12 months.

The use of Prepdeck® or Aquanett® followed by Net-Trol® by Owatrol® on new Thermowood® products or the use of just Net-Trol® on suitably weathered Thermowood® products enables the effective application of Aquadecks® by Owatrol®. Aquadecks® is non-film forming penetrative system that helps protect against the greying effects of U.V. light whilst preserving the appearance of the wood. This system when used correctly should create a matt finish. The darker the colour the more the natural appearance of the wood is obscured.

Regular cleaning of Q-Deck Lunawood® with Net-Trol® every 6-12 months is advisable. If finished with a protective coating then re-application of the coating should take place as and when required but for continually good results it is advisable to re-apply every 12 months.

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