Hardwood decking advice

Care and Maintenance of Q-Deck Bangkirai

Like all natural hardwood decking the colouration of Q-Deck Bangkirai hardwood decking fades over time due to the lightening effect of ultra-violet light (U.V.). For best results use your new Q-Deck Bangkirai hardwood deck for 6-8 weeks before:

1. Thoroughly cleaning it with Net-Trol® Wood Cleaner and Colour restorer by Owatrol®.

2. Oiling with Deks Olje D1® Saturating Wood Oil (clear matt finish) by Owatrol®.

It is advisable to repeat this process every 12 months substituting Deks Olje D1® with Textrol® Penetrating Oil by Owatrol®. If however, some colour protection is required, then the use of a pigmented coating should be applied to Q-Deck Bangkirai hardwood decking to slow down the bleaching effect of UV light. Deks Olje D1 Pro® (honey tinted) and pigmented Textrol® are good non-film forming options that preserves the natural appearance of the wood.

If colour protection is required immediately after fitting Q-Deck Bangkirai hardwood then it is possible to prepare the surface of the decking by first applying Aquanett® (or diluted Prepdeck®), then neutralising with Net-Trol® before finishing with one of the three Owatrol® pigmented coating systems mentioned above.

Regular cleaning of Q-Deck Bangkirai with Net-Trol® every 6-12 months is advisable.

If finished with a protective coating then re-application of the coating should take place as and when required but for continually good results it is advisable to re-apply every 12 months.

All the pigmented coating systems mentioned above preserve the natural appearance of the wood and are available in a range of colours (however, the darker the colour the more the natural appearance of the wood is obscured).

The tannin content of Q-Deck Bangkirai hardwood makes it susceptible to staining in contact with iron products or particles and moisture (as is cedar and oak for example). If iron/ ferrous staining occurs it can be easily remedied with the application of proprietary wood bleaching products such as Liberon wood bleacher or Net-Trol® wood cleaner and colour restorer by Owatrol®.

Hardwood decking finished with deks olje d1 - Q-Deck

Dark staining can also occur on hardwood decking if impervious static items, such as plastic furniture are not regularly moved. Particularly in the wetter months, rain water can become trapped between the surface of the deck and the impervious item, causing the extractives in the hardwood to migrate to the surface, causing deeply engrained staining that may not be able to be removed.

For higher levels of U.V. protection, use Aquadecks® by Owatrol®, a water based, non-film forming, saturating, matt finish.





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