Composite decking

Cleaning Q-Deck Twinson® Composite Decking System

After your Q-Deck Twinson® deck has been finished it is advisable to give it a quick wash down with water. This will help remove manufacturing dust that is often still present at this stage. As a result of the heavy brushing process in the manufacture of Q-Deck Twinson® a lot of dust is created and a certain amount of the dust stays on the product. When cleaning the material for the first time it is normal to witness coloured dust on any cleaning materials. Note: It is not dye leaching from the material.

It is always best to remove any dirt or marks as soon as possible, using water, mild cleaner and a sponge. In most cases your Q-Deck Twinson® deck can be cleaned with a pressure washer combined with, if necessary, a mild cleaning product. For food marks (such as ketchup, wine, soup, fruit juice, cola, coffee) scrub well with diluted bleach solution then rinse well with water.

Even composite decking can start to look grubby and tired if not cleaned regularly. To re-juvenate the original colour shade we recommend the use of Compo-Clean® by Owatrol®. If you would like to revitalise a grey or brown shade then consider Compo-Care® by Owatrol®.

Download the Q-Deck Twinson® Composite Decking System guide for further cleaning advice.