Preservative pre-treatment



Treatement facility at Hoppings Epping Q-DeckExtra protection

Q-Deck decking and landscaping timbers are pressure preservative pre-treated using our own on-site facilities. Hoppings utilise Tanalith E Extra - a unique formulation, latest generation wood preservative that ensures our timbers have the very best protection against wood decay and fungal attack.

Our Q-Deck range of timbers also have an extra built-in water repellent protection that helps keep components look and perform better for longer.

Q-Deck products come with a 15 year warranty against decay and insect attack.

Size Issues

Packs of decking Q-Deck

Wood swells when it is pressure pre-treated with a waterbased preservative - as much as 4% of the finished size after machining - and shrinks as it dries which may vary from piece to piece. This can be evident when butting deck boards end to end. We therefore advise letting the deck boards, in particular, dry somewhat before fitting. This not only helps to achieve a more constant size but improves their workability. Although minimised by the water repellent additive used with Q-Deck products, climatic changes cause the wood to continually shrink and swell in service and in turn this movement may vary from piece to piece.

Tanalith E Extra Water Repellent Q-Deck