Q-Deck / Q-Grip / Q-Garden 15 Year Warranty


Extra protection and peace of mind Q-Deck

  • Q-Deck products are preservative pre-treated with a built-in water repellent additive and come with a 15 warranty against decay and insect attack.


Features of the Warranty

  • The Q-Deck/Q-Garden 15 year warranty is fully transferable to new owners of the installed deck without notification.
  • This warranty is in addition to the purchaser's normal statutory rights.

Conditions of the Warranty

  • The component shall have been supplied by Hoppings or by an authorised Q-Deck retailer. Proof of date and purchase of the timber and Ensele end grain preservative must be produced to this effect.
  • Only Q-Deck sub-frame timbers are deemed suitably fit for use with Q-Deck/Q-Grip/Q-Garden components.

  • That our planning, design and installation recommendations have been taken into consideration and are adhered to.


15 Year Warranty

  • Hoppings Softwood Products Plc hereby certify that when fixed appropriately in accordance with the relevant design guidance Q-Deck/Q-Grip timber decking products shall be deemed under warranty for 15 years from the date of supply.

Please note: Q-Deck Bangkirai hardwood decking is not covered by this warranty.



  • Only Q-Deck sub-frame timbers are deemed suitably fit for use with Q-Deck/Q-Grip components. This warranty explicitly excludes the use of non Q-Deck sub-frame components as Hoppings cannot control the specification or quality of such products and these components could expose correctly preservative treated timber to a greater degree of risk of fungal decay/insect attack.

Ensele end grain preservative

Timber should always be treated in its final form. However, any timber exposed by cross-cutting, notching or boring after treatment must be liberally swabbed with two coats of Ensele® brush-on end grain preservative or Ronseal® end grain preserver or Hickson® Decor End Grain Preservative, in accordance with the Arch Timber Protections Treated Timber User Guide for Tanalith® E pressure treated timber or the manufacturers instructions. Where possible crosscut ends must not then be placed in the hazard zone of the design (ie. in ground contact).



Ensele End Grain PreservativeHickson Decord End Grain Preservative - Q-Deck Ronseal End Grain Preservative - Q-Deck

  • The component shall have been fixed and maintained in accordance with appropriate guidance in force at the time. eg. the Timber Decking Manual published by the Timber Research and Development Association and the current Q-Deck product brochure and or guidance provided on this website.



  • Q-Deck products removed from their original installation and reused at a new location.
  • Q-Deck products supplied for installation outside UK mainland.
  • Q-Deck products placed in fresh or salt water contact.
  • Degrade caused by poor maintenance, such as allowing the accumulation of dirt and other organic matter to occur, or by a material change in the installation environment i.e. where a Use Class 3 component is being un-necessarily subjected to Use Class 4 conditions.
  • Failure due to Q-Deck components being used for any purpose for which they were not designed.
    The adhesion of Q-Grip strip to associated Q-Deck and/or non-Q-Deck decking boards.


  • The warranties are fully transferable to new owners of the installed deck without notification.



  • The warranty is for the cost of re-supply, by Hoppings, of a component that is proven to have failed as a result of fungal decay or insect attack, FREE OF CHARGE. It does not cover the costs of removal or reinstatement of such components or consequential costs or loss due to failure of the component.

  • The term 'fungal decay' as used in the warranty refers to wood destroying fungi that feed on and degenerate the wood cell walls. It excludes staining and mould fungi associated with the weathering of wood.

  • The term 'failed' refers to damage caused by fungi to such an extent that the component is no longer fit for purpose.
  • The warranties are wholesaler/manufacturer to consumer/buyer warranties. However the initial raising of a complaint should be directed to the authorised retailer from where the goods were purchased. The complaint should be made in writing/e-mail and must include proof of purchase ie. a copy or scan of the original invoice.


Q-Deck Winchester Warranty