The Quality Decking Difference: Why Are We So Proud of our Products?

We show a lot of pride in our Quality Decking products – we suppose it wouldn’t bode well if we didn’t! This is why we’ve invested so much time and money in getting them out to the world, so you don’t have to put up with anything sub-standard. With something as expensive and time consuming as installing decking, you want to know you’re using the right materials for the job!

To show you why Quality Decking products are the best option for you, we’ve put together a little list of four reasons that we stand out in the market.

Brunch on the Garden Decking

Respect for the Environment.

A huge focus of our brand is making sure that our materials are sourced responsibly. We think that taking care of the environment should be a huge priority for any company that uses natures resources, and for any company in general, really! We take time in sourcing our raw materials to ensure that our suppliers meet our strict standards regarding the environment and we have a number of FSC and PEFC certified products.

Pre-Treated to Last.

Unlike a whole lot of companies who produce stock to sell at large profits rather than to do the job properly, here at Quality Decking, we make sure that when you buy from us we won’t disappoint. This is why we pre-treat all our wood ourselves so we can be sure that the job’s done properly. Our treatment protects your decking from the effects that weather can have on the wood providing a 15-year guarantee against decay and insect attack, so you can be sure that your decking will last when you buy from us!


Over the years, we’ve built up a vast collection of products to give our customers more options and help find exactly what they need. For example, we have six types of decking, four types of cladding and a whole load more decking-related products! Be sure to take a look at our full product range to check out all that we have on offer. We’re always working on our next range of items, too, so keep an eye out for our next big thing!

Tried and Trusted.

One of the reasons we’re proud of our products is the feedback we’ve received from customers, proving to us that we were right in our high judgement! It’s always nice to see your product being received well. We’re also delighted at the number of jobs that are using Quality Decking, including the 2012 Olympic Park, Stratford (which used Q-Grip Slip Resistant Decking for a lot of pedestrian areas) and ITV’s Hells Kitchen (which used Q-Deck and Q-Grip York Style Slip Resistant Decking). Our decking has also been used in schools, restaurants, theatres and many more places! If you’d like to ask us a question about any of our products, you can get in touch with us and start chatting to one of our helpful staff members