Sustainable Timber – What is it and Why Do We Use it? - QDeck

As a manufacturer of a whole lot of wooden decking, cladding and so on, we rely on trees to keep our business going. Without trees, we simply wouldn’t be able to make our products! However, the need for trees goes beyond business. Woods and forests, and all the wildlife that grows and lives alongside them, are of significant importance to our way of life – it’s gotten intense all of a sudden, hasn’t it?! What we’re trying to say is that we need the forests to keep being, well... forests! We strive to use sustainable timber from well managed forests. If we’re irresponsible in the way we source the materials that we obtain from our trees, then the outcome doesn’t look very bright as a way of life nor commercially

The Quality Decking brand understands the value of the ethical sourcing of materials; not just to our business, but to everyone. This is why we use sustainable materials, such as sustainable timber.

What is Sustainable Timber?

This term refers to timber that has been sourced in a responsible and ethical manner. It means that, when trees are cut down for things like our decking products, they are cut down in a thoughtful manner and replacement trees are planted, ensuring that we don’t deplete our natural resources.

Why Do We Use It?

A lot of our products are either FSC or PEFC certified. These are two organisations that work towards ethical and sustainable sourcing of wood, and to get their approval, you must follow a strict set of rules and regulations that ensure your materials aren’t damaging our natural environment. They’re great organisations and we’re proud to be able to say that the materials that we use comply to their standards!

We use sustainable timber because it just makes sense to do so.

By using sustainable timber and materials, we’re doing our bit to help our living environment and all the life that inhabits it. We’re doing our bit for the environment; join us in that endeavour and buy Q-Deck quality timber decking products.


Sustainable Forest Management