Five Unique Decking Designs to Try

Contrary to popular belief, your decking doesn’t have to look like every other decked space. What a boring world that would be! There are actually a lot of very unique and interesting decking ideas that you can incorporate into your designs. To give you a bit of inspiration, we here at Quality Decking have put together five different unique decking designs for you to check out.


Shapely Decking

When people think of a decked area, they usually think of something square or rectangular. But who says that decking can’t be circular? Or any shape for that matter! Working with the space you have, you can create an incredibly unique area simply by moving away from squares and rectangles. If you have a square space, you can always add a circular raised tier or curved edges just to make it that little bit different.


Water Features

Providing you use quality materials and have everything installed with expert care and knowledge, you can incorporate water features into your decking. We’ve seen a lot at Quality Decking, from incorporated water features, sunken pools and even stream-like areas where water flows around the decked areas. The latter is also an inventive way of splitting large decked areas into different sections.


Think about Materials

An incredibly easy way to jazz up a decked space is by considering how you use your base materials. By this, we mean taking your quality timber decking and arranging it into a unique floor pattern, or perhaps painting the whole thing a different colour. Simple but effective.


Cut Outs

If you want to break up a large decked area, cut-outs are a great solution and also add a very modern feel. This is essentially where you design your decking with ‘holes’ on the floor (but with a base to the holes, of course) or sunken areas, which you can then fill with different materials such as grass, stones, plants or water so they sit at the same level as the rest of the decking.


Tiered Decking

Tiered decking is a great way not only to add more interest to your area, but also to maximise the space you have. You can have multiple levels that lead to the ground like a giant set of stairs, or perhaps have one upper level out in the sun with a sheltered lower level for when the weather’s not so kind. It’s all up to you!


Here at Quality Decking, we love what a decked area can bring to an outdoor space and all the unique ways in which they can be incorporated! If you have any questions about decking or any of our products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.