B.O.L.D Hoppings Launch an Innovative eCommerce Solution

We have created a sophisticated website for our q-deck online partners to sell their other products alongside our own. We call the facility BOLD for short standing for building products online directory.
The facility cleverly allows both Hoppings and a partners other products to co-exist in the same website but managed separately. Both Hoppings and partners other products are displayed within a pre-determined suite of building products menus that have been carefully designed to be easy on the eye and intuitive to find product.
Hoppings give partners access to their own personal area where they can add and manage their products. We believe we have made a market leading e-commerce tool that is incredibly simple to use. Partners don’t have to create a category into which to place a product as the facility is pre-populated with over 800 categories with specially designed imagery.

So customers ‘be BOLD we think we have been’